Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Emotional Eating and Tapping????

I watched "I can make you thin" again last night. This guy has some strange views but I might as well try it. When you begin to feel like you are under stress or really about to eat something emotionally you are to perform a thing called "tapping". It is very strange, you tap pressure points throughout the body and it calms the emotional turmoil and the desire to eat whatever it may be goes away also. I'm going to try it next time and at least see if it works.

Granola bar- 90
Grapes- 35
Lean cuisine- 207 (Asian pot stickers- VERY good)
Cucumbers- 25
Mini Quakers- 90
Chicken Enchilada- 272
Yellow Rice- 85
Black Beans- 70
Chocolate- 75 (that darned Easter candy)
Total- 949

1 comment:

cukeedo said...

Rats!! I forgot about the tapping... and I've already succombed to the giant easter egg gumball. Hey - I'll take your scale for a week if you'll take all this wretched easter candy. Do you think 30 unscheduled minutes on the treadmill tonight will wipe out a golfball sized gumball?? ;-)