Saturday, March 22, 2008


Yesterday was great but very long. We walked 12,552 steps yesterday. Not sure what distance that would equate to. We had a great time. Nathan ended up having a stomach virus a couple hours prior to leaving but we survived. He slept the entire train trip home (thank goodness). Ate quite a bit of junk but I am preparing myself for the week. Easter dinner at my Grandma's house will be the end of the not-so-great-eating spree I am on. Will be making up my menus tonight for the week and go the grocery store after leaving my Grandma's. It will work out great. I will be absolutely stuffed so I won't go crazy with the snacks. Back to the gym Monday. Since I have made my exercise schedule I haven't had a full week at work yet. This will be the 1st week of my 5-day workouts. Hopefully the scale will show it. I am going to try hard to put my scale away for the week. I am going to weigh myself Monday morning and put it away until next Monday. I think I am psyching myself out when I weigh so much. Hello. My name is Amy and I am a scale junkie. I know it's a problem. I just can't help myself! I will begin the 12 steps. My 1st step being PUT THE SCALE AWAY!!!

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