Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Couple of Food Reviews

I thought with my hummus experience that I should be venturing out and trying new things. Unfortunately the 3 things I tried were not so great.

1. Heavenly Desserts- The Original Sugar-Free Fat-Free Meringue Cookie- Vanilla. I knew was too good to be true. The box says 10 cookies=40 calories. Yeah, right. I couldn't get past 2 cookies much less 10. They left a horrible medicinal flavor in my mouth for quite a while afterwards. It also had a warning on the box that excessive consumption may have a laxative effect. Who could actually excessively consume them? They were horrible! The entire box (minus 2) is already in the trash!

2. Little Debbie- 100 calorie Snow Puffs. These were just alright. It is a soft fudge cookie/cake, topped with a marshmallow puff and coconut. I guess if I like marshmallow a lot I would really like this but I am not a huge fan of marshmallows. If you like chocolate covered marshmallows, this desert is for you!

3. Quaker mini Delights- Caramel Drizzle- I thinks my standards were way up there with this one. I was hoping for another Cinnamon Struesel but I wasn't that lucky. They taste alright but they aren't the cinnamon. It was more rice cake tasty than caramel.

Well, that's all for the new foods. My brand new huge Kroger has the grand opening tomorrow so I am sure to find a couple of new things to try.

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