Saturday, March 15, 2008

Slacking a bit

Time flies... I had not realized I had not posted since Wednesday. Thursday was a good day, stayed within my calories, went to Kickboxing class, had a good day. Friday not so good. I did work out in the yard all morning but Nathan had a friend over so McDonald's for lunch and Pizza for dinner. Today has been good. I've been working out in the yard for the last 3 hours, eating some grapes and a granola bar for breakfast and 1/2 sandwich and chips for lunch. Still have a bit of yard work to go and have a chicken and rice dinner cooking in the crock pot. I didn't get on my elliptical as I had told myself I would but I have been working and sweating in the yard. Good trade off I suppose (3 hours of yard work compared to 10 minutes on the elliptical). Tomorrow I will definitely get on the elliptical if I am not working in the yard. Well off to plant...

1 comment:

cukeedo said...

Whew... oh by the way.. the ads you have up there now (Hawian nursing jobs) lead to nowhere.

I think you might get a better work out in my yard. :-)