Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quick One

Not much to say today. Here is my food journal and exercise entry.

Granola bar- 100
BBQ Chicken-110
Yellow Rice- 95
Zucchini- 40
Cucumbers- 40
Fruit- 45
Popcorn- 100
Total before dinner- 530 (not sure what dinner will be tonight--it's a church night)

Water- 48 oz.

Exercise-20 minutes on elliptical (2 miles) and Lower body workout; Laughing Hysterically for 20 minutes and searching for my contact in my eye for another 10. (thank you c dot b dot)

1 comment:

cuh key dowe said...

I am very upset. Here i am, my daily visit to your site....HELLLOOOO sista... ITS FRIDAY!!

Thats it. I'm not clicking on any ads until you get off your ass and post again.

cuh key dowe