Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Learned Something New

Okay, so I learned something new about myself. I can't be a Soccer mom AND a Blogger. My schedule is a little hectic for me right now. Monday and Saturday nights are the only free nights available. It's crazy. I guess my Blog suffers. Oh well...I did something tonight that I felt really good about. Instead of sitting in the car avoiding the gnats during soccer practice, I actually got out and walked the field four times. Well, off to get the kids to bed so that that relaxing can begin...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pretty good for a Saturday...

But the nights not over. Cleaned the house and washed clothes all day. Tried a new recipe from Cooking Light and it was delicious. Had the parents over and they also loved it.

Food Journal
Egg, Cheese, and Ham on Toast- 210
Plum- 50
Lean Hot Pocket- 250
Chips- 75
Plum- 50
Baked Ziti Casserole- 362 (www.myrecipes.com- Recipe ID: 1662827)
Salad- 45
Chocolate- 75
Total- 1117 (will probably go over a little but still a very good day (for a Saturday!)

I'm trying to learn how to hyperlink so that the recipes I use are a little easier to get to. I am off to a good start. Hopefully tommorrow I can do it.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm now a soccer Mom!

Busy day today...Worked out, worked, came home after lunch, cleaned the house, cooked dinner, and off to the very first soccer game. They lost but we still had fun. It makes me so nervous. I'm the crazy lady yelling on the sidelines. Oh, well...

Food Journal
Hostess Blueberry Streusel Muffins- 100
Health Choice Panini- 310
Cucumbers- 35
Tilapia- 150
Brown Rice- 54
Broccoli- 20
Mindless Chocolate munching- 150 (still that darned Easter candy—When will it ever be over??)
Total- 819

Note- I can’t believe that I have gone 5 full days without weighing myself. I literally have had some withdraws. I pass a scale and want to hop on with every part of my being. Isn’t that crazy? It is insane to me. I am totally looking forward to Monday morning so that I can weigh myself!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Forget to eat???

Could I really forget to eat? Yes and no. I was so busy today that I really did not have time to think about snacking. I had my normal breakfast but did not have a morning snack. I had my normal lunch but did not have an afternoon snack. And guess what? I didn't miss either of them. I came home and made burgers for the kids and a veggie burger for me and did not munch mindlessly while doing so because why? I was trying to hurry up and do everything before we left for soccer practice. I wish I could train my mind that I don't have to nibble while cooking dinner just because I missed my afternoon snack. My body didn't REALLY need it anyway. I do a lot of things out of habit, eating is one of them. Oh and the tapping thing...I can't remember it either :)

Daily food journal:
Mini Quakers- 90
Lean Cuisine- 270
Cucumbers- 30
Veggie burger w/ bun: 230
Fries- 120
Calories- 740 (wll have cookies and milk tonight after kiddies go to bed)

P.S. Workouts have been going great. Tomorrow will be day five in a row!! Can you believe it?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Emotional Eating and Tapping????

I watched "I can make you thin" again last night. This guy has some strange views but I might as well try it. When you begin to feel like you are under stress or really about to eat something emotionally you are to perform a thing called "tapping". It is very strange, you tap pressure points throughout the body and it calms the emotional turmoil and the desire to eat whatever it may be goes away also. I'm going to try it next time and at least see if it works.

Granola bar- 90
Grapes- 35
Lean cuisine- 207 (Asian pot stickers- VERY good)
Cucumbers- 25
Mini Quakers- 90
Chicken Enchilada- 272
Yellow Rice- 85
Black Beans- 70
Chocolate- 75 (that darned Easter candy)
Total- 949

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday--Back to routine

Why can't I keep a routine on the weekend? Monday through Friday is so easy for me to stay on target. Saturday and Sunday not so easy. I have to say that I weighed myself this morning and then PUT THE SCALE AWAY! I put it in the closet and made up my mind that I will only weigh myself on Monday mornings. Step one accomplished!

Granola Bar- 90
Lean Cuisine- 290
Cucumbers- 25
Chicken Enchiladas- 272 (www.3fatchicks.com)
Yellow Rice- 85
Black Beans- 70
Chocolate- 75 (couple of bites- estimated)
Total- 907

Workout this morning- 20 minutes on treadmill and worked back, chest, and abs

Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Easter bunny was pretty waist friendly this year. He brought a store bought basket instead of a handmade one. Not much candy. On the other hand the Grandparents were evil!!! I'm not sure how to get over this obstacle. I feel my mother sabotages my diet any chance she gets. She has no idea what healthy eating is and fortunately for her she does not need to for weight reasons. She should for her health but I don't think she really cares. I know that I don't go to her house as much as I should when I am "actively" on a diet. When I do I feel the need to snack. She always has a good amount of junk food around and she cooks everything fried or with lots of fat. I know this is my problem not hers but I just wish she would sometimes make an effort and make something healthy. It is one of my many excuses to eat something that I should not. I am fully understanding my issues but not sure how to change the way my mind works!!