Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday--Back to routine

Why can't I keep a routine on the weekend? Monday through Friday is so easy for me to stay on target. Saturday and Sunday not so easy. I have to say that I weighed myself this morning and then PUT THE SCALE AWAY! I put it in the closet and made up my mind that I will only weigh myself on Monday mornings. Step one accomplished!

Granola Bar- 90
Lean Cuisine- 290
Cucumbers- 25
Chicken Enchiladas- 272 (
Yellow Rice- 85
Black Beans- 70
Chocolate- 75 (couple of bites- estimated)
Total- 907

Workout this morning- 20 minutes on treadmill and worked back, chest, and abs

1 comment:

Roni said...

same thing here on those weekends, especially holiday weekends!

Your menu looks great!