Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New show on TLC

I watched a new show called "I can make you thin". It was pretty good. Although I did fall asleep toward the end. It is some British guy that is a motivational speaker. I think the show will be a 6 week series. I will continue to tape it and watch and see if he has any useful information. He had 4 golden rules. 1. Eat when your hungry 2. Eat what you want 3. Eat consciously 4. Stop when you think you are full. A big thing with him is setting your fork and knife down in between bites. You should be chewing your food at least 20 times and taste and enjoy it. You should not be doing anything other than eating. I'm all for that but it is so hard. I am so used to shoving my food in my mouth before I can even taste it. I don't sit down and relax and enjoy my food. I think I always eat more than I should because I eat so fast, my brain doesn't have enough time for my stomach to catch up with it.

Food Journal, pretty good today

Granola Bar-90
Fruit Salad-50
Beef and Noodles-280
Brussel Sprouts-25
Crackers and Hummus-160
Pork Chop and Rice Bake-325 (www.recipezaar.com Recipe # 95115-substituted pork loin chops for the chicken)
Green Beans-15
Total- 1065

Tomorrow I have a couple of food reviews.

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