Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tried something new...and liked it!

Went to Wal-mart today for a "few" things...ended up spending $180. This is the reason I despise Wal-mart. I can go to Kroger for a few things and only get a few things. I think it is because I don't know my way around Wal-mart so I have to go down every aisle and see things that I want that are not on my list. The boys also want things that they would not want from Kroger (or that Kroger does not provide). Case in point...The boys wanted a corn dog from the deli. I decided to get them one since they had not had lunch (I on the other hand had a healthy lunch of left over Chicken and Rice--I'm such a bad mom :)). Standing in line by the refrigerated specialty cheeses I noticed a container of hummus. I have never tried the stuff but see it in a lot blogs so I decided to buy some. But then, I thought, no crackers to go with my hummus. Down the cracker aisle I went...found the moderately healthy ones (Kashi whole grains). $ 180 later I'm at home and trying my new found "dip and chips" THEY WERE WONDERFUL!!! I got the Roasted Garlic Flavor. I have to say that this will be a staple in my house now, even Nathan liked them. It was a good thing to munch on while cooking dinner. The hummus has 50 calories fro 2 tbls and the crackers 130 for 15. This was the perfect size for a little before dinner snack.Tried two new recipes this weekend--Arroz Con Pollo and Beef Tips with Noodles. Both were pretty good. Not sure where I located the Arroz con Pollo but the Beef Tips with Noodles I found at Recipe ID: 23915

Off to get ready for the week...Starting with the gym in the morning!

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cukeedo said...

Hmmmm...hummmmus. We love humus too. I decided to reward myself this weekend by joining the Y. So I got a 6 month membership - though I have not mentioned this to cdotbdot. l love the y and it's about 2 minutes from my front door. Have been 2 out of 3 of my days off. both times for 1 hour. i am very excited!!!