Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Holy Crap Moment!!

Who knew donut holes were 75 calories each? Had I known that I would not have consumed the 2 that I did. It did make me wonder. Before this journey I would have consumed an entire dozen, sometimes more (they come in a bag of 25)... How many calories would a dozen be...900 CALORIES!!! No wonder how I got to be this weight (not to mention the 2 children I birthed). I would sometimes consume as many calories in one day that I consume in 5 days now!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!

My menu for the day will end here. Wednesday is a church night I always bust my calories. Tonight is lasagna. I know, I know....I could eat dinner before I go, I could have a healthy snack before leaving so I don't load up unhealthy but I consider it a treat. I don't have to cook, I don't have to clean up. I don't go overboard by any means but I do eat and enjoy myself. I bring my own tea made with Splenda and I have a salad with Low fat dressing but that doesn't take the calories away from the food that is cooked. It doesn't add anymore though :)

Today's Food Journal:
Vitalicious Muffin Top- 100
2 donut holes- 150 (and no it wasn't worth it...)
Shrimp and Potatoes Tapas- 180
Corn- 40
Quaker Mini Delights- 90

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cukeedo said...

A. STOP the obsessive weighing. You are a loony toon. :-)
B. What do you mean by "maybe" add another gym day? I know, that you know, that you are just being delusional by telling yourself that the kickboxing is so intense...that twice a week sessions equals a exercise plan for weight loss.
3. Don't feel too bad about the lasagne... Tonight was pizza night at the bat house. Thin crust ...but still.