Monday, March 10, 2008

The key to success

I couldn't sleep last night and while I was tossing and turning I was thinking about weight loss. I began to think about the success I had about a year ago at losing weight and feeling really good about myself. I was really motivated but I am really beginning to think the key to my success at the time was EXERCISE!!! I have been really good about my food choices but the weight is coming off SLOWLY. The exercise part is the only thing I am lacking. Beginning tomorrow I am going back to the gym!!! I really believe that you have to do both to achieve success. One without the other will lead you nowhere. Here is my plan:

Monday- AM workout at gym (elliptical for cardio and arm workout)
Tuesday- Afternoon kickboxing class
Wednesday- AM workout at gym (elliptical and lower body workout)
Thursday- Afternoon kickboxing class
Friday- AM workout at gym (elliptical and abs and back workout)

Okay...I have a plan...I will succeed!

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cukeedo said...

OMG. you're kidding right. I've been on you for weeks (note my last blog comment) and suddenly you have an epiphany in the middle of the night. CdotBdot says to tell you there will be no KBing tuesday. You will need to revise your plan. OK oh wise one.... how do I get myself to the gym on my days off??? Four on and three off is not cutting it for me. Maybee you can sleep on this. :-)