Monday, March 3, 2008

Typical Day

Typical day today. The muffins are growing on me. I had the Cran-Bran today and really enjoyed it. I do have a gripe though. I can't understand why the scale has so much power over me. I am a scale junkie. I weigh myself daily. Sometimes 2-3 times per day. I know its not a good idea but I just have to see the numbers. I tried to hide it once and found myself late to work the next day trying to get to my scale that morning. It is a ritual of mine. Wake up, use the bathroom, weigh myself. Normally it is a pound or so different day-to-day but I weighed myself Sunday and I was 153. Monday I was 156!!! How could that be?? Three pounds, in one day. Is it water weight? Where could those 3 pounds have been Sunday morning?? Maybe it was all the salt from the McDonald's fries? Who knows but it sure is upsetting. It is not the number that is so upsetting for me but my attitude, my being. How can three little numbers on the scale control my self-worth? My self esteem?

Today's Food Journal
Vitalicious Muffin- 100
Cantaloupe- 50
Lean Cuisine- 280
Ritz Snack Mix- 100
Chicken and Cheese Casserole- 280
Peas- 30
Total- 840 (I'll probably have those Girl Scout cookies tonight)

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