Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What a day!!!

It's amazing what one trip to the gym will do. It makes you feel so good and energized. I am really excited about getting back into it. It is all about your mindset. The morning workout definitely works better for me. The more time I have to make an excuse not to go the more excuses I can come up with. It's hard to make excuses first thing in the morning. I will begin thinking (dreaming) of ways to help you Cukeedo. I do my best thinking while I'm asleep.

Muffin top 100
Shrimp Creole 300
Salad 45
4 strawberries 20
Cantaloupe wedge 25
BBQ Chicken-221 (http://allrecipes.com Recipe ID: 87168)
Yellow Rice- 95
Chips- 40
Total after dinner- 886 (thinking about 100 cal Hostess Cakes and milk for dessert)

Water Intake- 48 oz.

Exercise- 20 minutes on treadmill and upper body workout

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