Thursday, March 27, 2008

Forget to eat???

Could I really forget to eat? Yes and no. I was so busy today that I really did not have time to think about snacking. I had my normal breakfast but did not have a morning snack. I had my normal lunch but did not have an afternoon snack. And guess what? I didn't miss either of them. I came home and made burgers for the kids and a veggie burger for me and did not munch mindlessly while doing so because why? I was trying to hurry up and do everything before we left for soccer practice. I wish I could train my mind that I don't have to nibble while cooking dinner just because I missed my afternoon snack. My body didn't REALLY need it anyway. I do a lot of things out of habit, eating is one of them. Oh and the tapping thing...I can't remember it either :)

Daily food journal:
Mini Quakers- 90
Lean Cuisine- 270
Cucumbers- 30
Veggie burger w/ bun: 230
Fries- 120
Calories- 740 (wll have cookies and milk tonight after kiddies go to bed)

P.S. Workouts have been going great. Tomorrow will be day five in a row!! Can you believe it?

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