Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Easter bunny was pretty waist friendly this year. He brought a store bought basket instead of a handmade one. Not much candy. On the other hand the Grandparents were evil!!! I'm not sure how to get over this obstacle. I feel my mother sabotages my diet any chance she gets. She has no idea what healthy eating is and fortunately for her she does not need to for weight reasons. She should for her health but I don't think she really cares. I know that I don't go to her house as much as I should when I am "actively" on a diet. When I do I feel the need to snack. She always has a good amount of junk food around and she cooks everything fried or with lots of fat. I know this is my problem not hers but I just wish she would sometimes make an effort and make something healthy. It is one of my many excuses to eat something that I should not. I am fully understanding my issues but not sure how to change the way my mind works!!

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cukeedo said...

OK...was planning to hop right on here and get the chicken enchalada recipe...that I can't find. damn you did not post it. I would call but ... It's "Monk Monday" (no talking). Well off to search for my recipe!