Thursday, March 6, 2008

Only a Confession Today :(

I'm ashamed. I have no excuse. I fell off the wagon at lunch BUT I did have a DIET COKE! The good thing about today is that I'm back on track already. Having a good dinner tonight...Southwest Turkey Burgers. I am craving something sweet right now but it is just because I ate so much at lunch. I was contemplating the menu and trying to be good but I have NO WILLPOWER! One of my accountability partners (k dot b dot...not that I would point her out) was also contemplating the menu but wanted to know what I was having before she decided what she was having. At this point we both decided against the healthy choices. Oh well, we shall overcome!!! A very nice anonymous person bought our lunch today so at least I didn't have to pay to consume what I did. The worst part about eating out is eating past your comfort level. I always tend to eat more when I am at a restaurant, not sure why that is.

Well off to cook the turkey burgers...

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