Thursday, February 28, 2008

Almost the weekend

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. This week has gone by really slow. I really love the weekend but I also hate it. It is so hard to stay on track on the weekends. Yesterday was a busy one and I got home too late to post but today is a new day. I did really well keeping within limits today. I was told by a friend that I should post my evening snack results. She was saying that I could be gorging out on a 500 calorie snack at night. It is hard for me to post that snack because I like to eat it after the kids are in bed and I can just enjoy it, without interruptions. I normally have a Fudge Stripe 100 calorie pack and a small glass of skim milk. Sometime I have a Vitalicious chocolate muffin (100 calories). I enjoy my evening snack. It's something I can look forward to on a daily basis. I can survive the craving for something sweet in the afternoon if I know that I will have my snack at night. Well off to make my weekly menu...I will talk more about that tomorrow.

Grits- 100
Toast- 100
Lean Cuisine- 200
Salad- 45
Quaker Minis- 90
Chicken & Rice- 193
Collards- 20
Okra & Tomatoes- 20
Total- 768 (with snack---948)

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