Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Today was a great day..food and exercise wise. As long as I stay on schedule I'm good. It could be something as little as getting off early and I begin to think that I am going to stop by the store and get a candy bar and coke. It's a sickness I tell you. I literally have to talk myself out of stopping. I can come up with A LOT of excuses not to exercise and take myself to the all-you-can-eat. It could be that I didn't sleep well the night before...it's just too much to think about my diet. It could be one of the children are sick...it just will take too much energy to cook. It could just be that it's a Saturday and I want McDonald's. I never thought I would put so much thought into eating.

Onto another topic...kickboxing was great!!! Too bad they don't offer it more that 2 times per week.

My menu for the day...

Cantaloupe- 100 cal
Quaker minis-90
Pork Chop and Rice- 340
Squash- 20
Salad- 45
Pickle- 10
Ritz Mix- 100
Ham and Rice Casserole- 280
Peas- 60
Evening Snack-????

Total for today- 1045 (without snack)

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