Saturday, February 23, 2008

Drowning in Self pity

I'm sitting here wondering why I can't stick to a diet. Hating myself for consuming so much food and not being able to say no. Wondering why I can make so many excuses just for the purpose of being able to eat what I want to. I did good all week and all it takes is one day to start off with McDonald's for breakfast, eat junk for lunch all day, and then go to Mom's house for dinner. Only to top everything off with about 10 Reese's miniatures washed down with a real Coke. Why can't I control myself? Why can't I just say no? I feel empowered when I eat healthy and exercise. I feel good about myself when I feed my family healthy food, not frozen processed junk. I want my children to grow up exercising and eating healthy as a way of life, not a struggle to maintain. Well I guess there is always tomorrow another day to make healthy choices.

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